Monday, 1 August 2016

Onward to Professional Practice

It's not often you'd get a chance in life to drop everything in a moment and pursue your passion. That's what I've done. I have been halfway through this PIDP program for some time now, and I can't wait any longer. I quit my day job, sick of the corporate shenanigans and penny-pinched teams stressing over every little detail. I'm already dealing with Crohn's and a multitude of other illnesses--I can't possibly fathom the energy to pick up other people's messes while having more work shoved down my throat.

That said, I'm back!--a little grey and rougher around the edges. I feel I've grown, and this will change the way I approach the next three courses and my Capstone project. PIDP 3260 is my next course, followed by enrollment in 3240 later this month.

I'm hoping 3220 will be offered in September at Camosun (yes, I know it's in Victoria) so I can start my Capstone in October. I've already developed a curriculum for self-designed courses I want to teach! I haven't felt this eager and driven...knowing what I want and how to get there. It's refreshing.

With my time off, I'm focusing on my health, self-improvement, and managing my Crohn's + other symptoms (it's honestly a second FT job). I'm lucky enough to have my fiancee and family by my side.

Anyways, I'd better stop writing all this personal stuff and focus on my work. If you'd like to chat about anything Crohn's / illness-related, or craft beer, cider, whiskey, hockey, etc., I'm here! But I'm a Canucks fan, so be prepared.


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