Tuesday, 27 October 2015

This course overall

I've learned quite a bit from this course overall. I wouldn't say I've been super engaged throughout - but maybe this is because I have learned about teaching strategies in the past, and I just didn't feel challenged enough towards the end of the course. That being said, it helped deepen my understanding on a lot of the topics at hand. I was able to personally reflect with lots of the course topics, and provide ample questions and discussion in the forums.

I loved the Gamefication topic, where I had the opportunity to facilitate a discussion forum regarding how game design can translate into useful, non-gaming applications.

Reading my classmates blogs has also been interesting. I like seeing others' viewpoints on the same learning topics as myself. This helps me see their point of view on the understanding of course material, as well as confirm my own understanding (or deepen my understanding).

The textbook (believe it or not) was actually more engaging than I expected. It's very well thought out, structured, and I can relate new learning from the readings to my own personal experiences.

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