Saturday, 17 October 2015

Teaching Styles in the Corporate World

Well, my boss realized I'm in a class where I'm learning about Instructional Strategies, and he's put me in charge of training all of the new hires at work. There's a lot to be said for having faith in a seasonal employee, training the other seasonal employees.

After taking PIDP 3210, which involves Curriculum Design, I can now put a lot of my skills that I've learned in PIDP 3250 to practice. My assignment involves training everything from Customer Service skills, to technical (and web) support, to sales, to problem solving and critical thinking skills.

I will most likely use resources found in our forums, as well as partial resources from the textbook we've been using, to start. I know what my curriculum is going to be, and I know the learning outcomes -- now it's time to achieve the "how" and "why".

I feel this course will be a crucial breaking point into my career of teaching, as my learned skills will now be put into practice.

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