Friday, 18 September 2015

Schema vs. Engagement

With what we've learned from Barkley's notes on schema (p. 18), I wonder if a pre-disposed schema is created by adult learners before they have reached the classroom. What I mean by this, is having a schemata of what they expect the classroom to look, feel, and sound like before anything begins. Is there a negative pre-disposition that we are putting adult learners into, which can potentially disengage them before any learning begins?

I guess the basis for an introductory class then would be to organize the so-called information cloud into structured, easy-to-digest chunks of information for the mind to understand. While re-structuring and creating this information for people, we must also help them to be engaged in the content.

Could this introductory schema have a major impact on the rest of the course, if conducted poorly or not conducted at all? These are things I wonder about, and hope to not make mistakes when I eventually facilitate a classroom.

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