Tuesday, 15 September 2015

First Post on a New Blog!

Okay, so things have been a bit hectic lately. I somehow can't even manage to find the time to upkeep my main blog Brewji.

However, I have started on an educational journey through the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) at Vancouver Community College (VCC). 

In my first week, I have taken the liberty of figuring out how to balance work, life, school, and play. These are all core values that make up who I am, and I needed to take the first week to find the balance, so that I can properly juggle all of them. On top of that, my health plays a factor too.

That aside, in this first week, we looked at Andragogy vs. Heutagogy. I mean, I've seen these terms before, but never really thought of them because they looked scary and I didn't want to delve into figuring out what they meant. Well, now that's over.

Andragogy is pretty much just a means of learning, which (for now) is seen as mainly applied to adults. There is a need to better oneself or gain a new skill to advance towards a larger goal. For example, my mother is just being told she will lose her position at the end of the year, and needs to take classes for some basic computer skills. She has the overall goal of achieving a new position in the same field, while taking as little time out of her life as possible, to acquire a skill and become proficient. This, in turn, will help her maintain a job so she can pay bills.

Heutagogy is sort of like what I'm doing now. I find education (and the study within the realm of it) engaging. I try to break down larger topics into smaller, easier to digest chunks, and get myself to find the tastiest chunk and become curious about it. Being curious about this will lead me to other things as I ask more questions and try to uncover more information. There is a less linear approach, but that way it allows me to facilitate my own story in this choose-your-own-adventure of learning.

I'm pretty sure most of my other classmates will post something about the first week's content, but I wanted to put my own personal twist on it. Why? Because when I look back at it, then I can remember how closely reflective to myself these topics are. Plus, that way it's a raw version of my understanding. If I'm wrong, then my lovely instructor can point it out and throw stuff at me (virtually).

That's about it for this post. Cheers!

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