Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Making a WebQuests Video

Since I graduated in 2013 at SFU, I've been wondering how to apply my degree in Interactive Technology, to the field of Education. In 2014, I returned to take a class which helped fuse my understanding of technology and a classroom learning environment. This is where I discovered WebQuests.

One of my major assignments at SFU was to develop a WebQuest, for any open topic. I challenged myself to make it a broad, cross-curricular WebQuest, to prove that it could be done. My professor, as well as some high school (and post-secondary) students have gone on to use it in their classrooms.

What better way to show off WebQuests, than to introduce it to our class, and show them that I have direct experience using them. They can be very useful in a classroom where people aren't used to working together on team projects. They can build teamwork skills, as well as achieve a primary objective of creating or absorbing knowledge.

WebQuests allow a team of learners to use existing frameworks to research information, and organize it into knowledge. They will then present this knowledge to an external body (outside of their team), or to themselves to keep as study material.

In this short video (under 5 minutes), I think I have captured the base of WebQuests, in a nutshell. Please take a look:

I can definitely add this to my portfolio, and I also hope that this video helps show people that WebQuests are a viable option for learning in their teaching environments.

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