Saturday, 3 September 2016

PIDP 3260 - Education-related video

How to keep the spark alive in children and adults:

Orson Scott Card gives his take on how 'rules' aren't necessarily a bad thing. From eating at a restaurant, to rules governing poetry, Orson shows us that by utilizing guidelines and rules in the right way, we can create and continue to grow curiosity in our minds.

I agree, as a former interaction design student at SFU, that we all need criteria or constraints to push us in a certain direction. For example, when I'm discussing with my wife where we want to eat, the first answer is always "I don't know". Then, we start building criteria: somewhere new, a genre of food we haven't had lately, something that will work with my Crohn's and not send her into diabetic ketoacidosis. Then the list narrows, but these constraints do help!

When taking on a new project or teaching a new student, there will also always be constraints or criteria to their skillset, personality, and what motivates them.

Let's do our best to always keep curiosity and the drive to think for ourselves alive!

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